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Professor Jennie Batchelor

Jennie Batchelor is an academic, author and speaker. She has written and edited several books on women's writing, eighteenth-century dress and early women's magazines, and gives public lectures and writes articles and guest blogs on these and other subjects. She can regularly be heard on podcasts, the radio and sometimes on TV. She is Professor of Eighteenth-Century Studies at the University of Kent.

Jennie’s longstanding interest in the history of fashion and needlework led to her curation of ‘The Great Lady’s Magazine Stitch Off’, a project for which people around the world recreated rare, surviving embroidery patterns from the Lady’s Magazine for an exhibition to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the publication of Jane Austen’s Emma at Chawton House Library. She is Patron of the Kent branch of the Jane Austen Society.


5 March 2020 (UK) and 17 May (US)

So happy to announce the publication of Jane Austen Embroidery, my latest publication with Alison Larkin. This unique book showcases rare and beautiful embroidery patterns from Jane Austen's era, repurposed into 15 modern sewing projects. Derived from Lady's Magazine (1770–1832), a popular monthly periodical of fashion, fiction, and gossip that Jane Austen read, the projects consist of embroidered clothes, accessories, and housewares. Fascinating historical features, quotes from Austen's letters and novels, enchanting drawings, clear instructions, and inspirational project photography trace the patterns' origins and illustrate their imaginative restoration for modern use.

"a fascinating overview of embroidery in Austen's Britain" - Embroidery Magazine


We should be continually endeavouring to render ourselves both agreeable and useful:—agreeable by the accomplishments of our minds; useful by the virtues of our hearts … Needlework, drawing, reading, and music, if properly attended, will very happily serve to fill up a lady’s time, without bringing any discredit to her understanding.

‘The Matron’ agony aunt column from Lady’s Magazine, June 1775



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